Monday, March 19, 2012


It Says Here... (16x20)


Last month my wife and I went to a local fine dining restaurant for our anniversary. The food was fabulous, but so was the kitchen which was in open view to the restaurant patrons. I was so intrigued by the action there that I asked the manager if I could come back and take a few reference photos to paint from...

Five Spice Kitchen (16x20)


He was very obliging and told me I was welcomed to any time, so I came back the very next week and these are the results... I've seen other artists do this subject matter before of course, but everyone has their own approach and style. What I enjoyed most are the abstract patterns you get with all the stainless steel in the background with the ovens, fridge, and counter tops -- lots of information to interpret loosely.

Finishing Touch (12x16)

I'd like to do more of this subject -- most everyone can relate to good food and restaurants, even if they only experience it once a year like us (darn economy).

Bon Appetit!