Thursday, March 27, 2014

Barn Storming.

 Spring Barn, Helvatia (16x20) o/c

Spring is here, after a fairly mild and noticeably short winter. I was able to get out the other night and again the next morning and painted a couple of barns in the Helvatia area here in Oregon. I worked with what was there and kept any touch-ups to a minimum when I got back the the studio...

Century Barn (16x20) o/c

Conferred with a couple of painter friends (one on the east coast and one in the mid-west) whose opinions are that barns are 'stand alone' subject matter; they are a relic and record of the past at the same time as having their own personality in our contemporary world -- like a portrait they have character and style, and like strangers on the street, you pass them by without much thought. These were a joy to paint en plein air and I hope to get out to do it again soon (got one more on my mind out in that area)...

 Thumbnail Sketch (2x2.5)

Monday, March 17, 2014

New Work, New Gallery:

 Sous Chef (24x30) o/p

I've just joined the Jones Terwillliger Galleries in Carmel (and Palm Desert) CA... These new paintings will arrive there tomorrow and I'm looking forward to my association with them, and representation in these California markets!

The Lesson (24x30) o/c

 All Or Nothing (30x40) o/c
This is similar, but different and larger from an earlier version, titled "Nightingale"

No Privacy Backstage (30x24) o/c

Monday, March 3, 2014

Life Drawing in Colour


Went to a figure drawing session yesterday morning at Crush bar (no, I did not drink!) and drew with oil pastels... These are approximately 30 minutes each on Canson paper. I like the feel of oil pastels over regular, chalk pastels for their tactile relationship to oil paint, and the ability to stretch, blend and stick the colour without the fragile volatility of chalk...


Figure drawing from life is a good practice to do regularly if you can; working from a three dimensional, living, breathing (and ever-moving) subject is a challenge that sharpens your observational senses and hones your eye-to-hand skills as a painter... Model: Julie Webb, Portland, OR