Thursday, May 29, 2014


I have been meaning to do this for quite a while; after painting for a number of years, you get a back log of paintings, studies, sketches and the like piling up in the studio... Some are smaller studies for larger paintings that went to galleries, some are things returned from galleries that haven't sold -- a lot of competition pieces from various shows,  and some are things I just never let go of because....who knows why? 

Of course the dogs and failures I toss or paint over, so everything in this sale is frame-worthy (according to me anyway). There are between 350 to 400 plein air paintings, figure studies and some pastel drawings (even some old illustrations if you're interested)...

The studio is the big building behind my house in Tigard, OR on Saturday, June 14th -- come by for a snack and a free poster if you're in the area!

9am to 5pm  7311 SW Pine Street 97223 -- hope to see you here!

Monday, May 12, 2014

Born in a Barn?

 "Happy Little Barn" (16x20) oil on linen

I wasn't raised on a farm, but may have been born in a barn (I've been painting so many lately). These were painted outside the town of Newberg, Oregon not far from my house. 

"Catawampus" (16x20) o/c

Was never a big fan of 'barn paintings' before, but lately I've been noticing how the old ones with all the character are going away for good in our area, being replaced by steel structures... Better for the farmers I suppose, but sad to see charm of the old school wood going by the wayside... I guess I've warmed up to them now that they're an endangered species -- might even hug one if they weren't so big (and farmer John wasn't watching)...
A shame to think in a few more years, we'll only have pictures of them...and paintings.