Saturday, April 22, 2023

Folding Screen project finished!

                                                 "The FOUR SEASONS"  SOLD                                                                 

 For one of my pieces in this years Prix de West show at the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum in Oklahoma City, I did four paintings depicting Native Americans in the four seasons... I came up with a folding screen design and hired Timothy Holton of Holton Studio Frame Makers in Berkeley, CA to construct the 4-panel screen to house the paintings; each oil-on-panel painting is 36 x 20".


 I wanted a simple Craftsman style look, and Tim nailed it with dark-stained, quarter-sawn oak and gold leaf trim. The panels are connected with antique-style hinges complete with flat head screws! Overall measurement is 69" high by 97" wide when fully extended...


 The screen can fold out totally flat as a wall display (although it IS heavy), stand on it's own in a zig-zag fashion or completely collapse for is a fully functioning piece of heirloom furniture AND a collection of western art originals as well -- a fine addition to any Arts and Crafts decorated home~

  I'm really looking forward to this years show as I was injured last year and couldn't make it -- hope to see you there June 9th & 10th, 2023!





Wednesday, January 11, 2023

Masters of the American West

 "Luckless Hunter" (30x34) o/c SOLD
I am once again fortunate to be included in Masters show at the Autry Museum, opening February 11th, 2023. I will have these three pieces in the show, the last one (Walk On) being in the "Miniatures" section...

The painting above (Luckless Hunter) was difficult to photograph due to it's dark palette, so it appears a little darker here than in real life~

"Morning Broken" (36x36) o/c SOLD


"Walk On" (12x12) o/p SOLD

Sunday, October 9, 2022

Maxwell Alexander Gallery 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY!

"Long Way Home" (36x48) o/c SOLD
Maxwell Alexander Gallery in Los Angeles is celebrating their 10 Year Anniversary October 15th, 2022 at their downtown LA gallery and I will have these two paintings in the show/sale...


This will be their largest exhibition ever, and I am honored to be a part of it! I have been represented by this fine gallery for 5 years now with sell-out solo and group shows -- no better gallery for representational art on the west coast!


"Morning Prayer" (30x30) o/l SOLD

I will be at the opening on a discussion panel Saturday, October 15th at 5pm. Looking forward to seeing my fellow gallery artists and meeting collectors -- hope to see you there too!


For event details go to:







Sunday, June 5, 2022

Prix de West and the Painting that Broke My Hip

"Though Storms Encompass Me" (30x30) SOLD

This year will be my third time in the Prix de West (and first time as a regular member). I am so grateful to be included in this most prestigious western art show at the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum in Oklahoma City!


"Riders at Eventide" (42x50) SOLD

This painting, "Riders at Eventide" is the second version of this composition; I wasn't satisfied with the first (and slightly smaller) version, so I decided to stretch a new canvas and try again... In the meantime I had somehow hurt my left foot and was favoring it while crouching on the floor and putting all my weight on my right leg. As I worked in this odd position, bending, crouching, kneeling, I knew I was slowly straining the muscle in my thigh -- by the time I finished I knew something was wrong, and a week or so later was diagnosed with a pulled muscle with possible nerve damage...


Well, the fun didn't stop there; my leg not only hurt to walk on but became incredibly weak requiring me to use a cane to move about. One night while going up the stairs the cane slipped off a step and I fell with ALL my weight crashing directly down on top of my hip! Laying at the bottom of the stairs I knew it was bad (and don't remember feeling that level of pain in a long time)...!



The result this time was a broken femur; in fact my femur not only broke, but actually bent down at the top from the extreme impact. The only good thing was I had shipped off these three paintings to the framer just 2 days before the accident on the stairs~


At any rate, I had to have emergency full-hip replacement surgery. Since April I have had some uninterrupted time to heal from the operation with physical therapy, but my leg muscle and nerve is still somewhat weak causing me to rely on that cane a while longer... Perhaps this will give me some advantage at the airport as they usually let the "physically challenged" board first~

"I Turned To Listen" (16x20) SOLD

Best of all, I won't have to miss this important show -- I'll get to see some incredible art and meet the amazing artists and collectors who make it all happen! In the meantime I'll continue my physical therapy and look forward to when I no longer need this cane (but I do have to accept the fact that my skateboarding days are permanently behind me :(

Oh well -- it could've been A LOT worse, so I am grateful for the doctors, nurses, family and friends who have helped me thru and continue to encourage me. Thank God it was just a hip and not my right hand! 


Monday, February 28, 2022

The Bluff Show at Maxwell Alexander Gallery

"Cliffs Like Indian Blankets" (8x10 o/l) SOLD

Maxwell Alexander Gallery in Los Angeles will host the "Artist Retreat, Bluff Utah"show -- a collection of paintings by gallery artists that were done on location and in the studio from a group trip to Bluff Utah last October. About 15 gallery artists spent several days exploring and painting in southeastern Utah. Later, larger studio pieces were created from this trip as well and will be on display at Maxwell Alexander, opening March 12, 2022.

      "Crescent Moon" (24x24 o/p) SOLD

The landscape in and around Bluff was spectacular with varying cliff and rock formations, groves of cottonwood trees and great camaraderie among all of the artists -- special thanks to Maxwell Alexander Gallery for sponsoring such a wonderful and rewarding trip!




Friday, February 18, 2022

Friday, December 31, 2021

Happy New Year at the Autry Museum!

"On Our Way" (25x28) o/c SOLD
The 2022 Masters of the American West exhibition opens February 12th at the Autry Museum in Los Angeles. The art sale weekend and reception takes place February 26th.  This will be my fourth year in the show and I'm looking forward to taking my family with me and also celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary! 
Wishing you all a Happier and Healthier year in 2022!

"Pink Desert Glow" (Miniature category 12x10) o/p SOLD


"This Land Is Your Land" (40x40) o/c SOLD


"Lavender Sage" (30x30) o/c SOLD