Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Recent California Sketches

 "Laguna Canyon" (9x12) o/c 

Here are a few small paintings and studies I did on my two recent road trips to southern & northern California... In August we went down to L.A. for the opening of my solo show, "End of the Trail" at Maxwell Alexander Gallery, and also for family vacation time that took us to Mexico to visit my folks...

In September I drove back down for the Sonoma Plein Air event, which I enjoy immensely for it's beautiful hill-covered vineyards and rugged coastal scenes. I also got to paint with friends I only see once a year...

 "Blue Eucalyptus" (8x10) o/c

Painting in Sonoma is a kind of California "fix" for me as I miss my roots living in the northwest part of the country now; anytime I can get down to my home state (especially to paint) I take it!

"TwilightMoon"(6x8) o/l

 Laguna Beach is another favorite place for me having visited there since I was a kid in the 60's and 70's and then rented studio space in the 80's. It's not quite the same as back then, but still has a charm and beauty unlike any other on the west coast...

"Three Arch Bay" (9x12) o/l

I was fortunate to hook up with a childhood friend who now owns a quaint little beach cottage in Three Arch Bay (a very exclusive and hard-to-get-into place with it's own secluded beach). We were able to spend a couple of days there, swimming and painting; it was a beautiful and memorable visit -- thanks again Danny, see you next time!