Friday, April 29, 2016


Unassuming (30x24) oil on linen

Had the pleasure of working with this lovely model last week; a friend donated the kimono to my studio's costume wardrobe a while back, and it complimented this redhead quite nicely... 

(Initial lay-in session)

About 2 hours was enough to establish the drawing,  colour notes and block-in all the major shapes. From there, I could stay on track with the colour key and retain the broken patterns of brush strokes, keeping the overall spontaneity and freshness of the initial session. No need to fill in every square inch -- in fact that would have killed the energy I was after in what could have been a rather static pose.

Could have left it even more "undone", but I still get carried away...

Monday, April 4, 2016

Feature article in Plein Air magazine!

Plein Air magazine, May 2016

Thanks to Steve Doherty and Plein Air magazine for featuring me in the new May 2016 issue!