Monday, February 22, 2010

And now back to our program...

I just can't stay away from painting blues and jazz subjects...and I have no idea if anyone would buy such a painting, but they're going to have to pry that #6 flat Simmons Signature series hog bristol from my cold dead fingers before I give it up...

Tenor Sax (9x12)

These are more or less studies for possible larger pieces (or parts of larger paintings) but are O.K. to stand alone as small works. I'm both a music lover and an art lover, and the older I get, the more I appreciate the music of my parents generation and am inclined to explore that as subject matter.

Fascinating Rhythm (9x12)

Since my mother passed, I have repeatedly returned to the popular Samba influenced pop that was in the background when I was small (Astrid Gelberto, Sergio Mendez & Brazil 66, etc.) perhaps I'll venture into that genre for subject next... Interesting how much of the memory of our lives music can store and trigger when the timing's right.


  1. COMBO CAME OUT GREAT. Wow didn't mean to use all caps. But it does help get the point across.

  2. Good for you Eric. Glad you go with what inspires you rather than follow the crowd. It sets one apart with thier art. Keep at it.

  3. Excellent work, I like the light on the saxophone player a lot!

  4. Love the Coleman Hawkins portrait! Beautifully painted.

  5. congrats! what beautiful pictures!
    I loved everything!