Tuesday, May 18, 2010

An Accent Waiting to Happen...

Kira (12x16)


Here, the accents are the 2 dark cast shadow strokes of her knee against her shin, and the robe against the couch. Accent strokes are only effective when executed with an obvious spontaneity -- a deliberate single stroke. In other words, not rendered, finessed or smoothly overworked in several brush strokes. Make it work like an exclamation mark to amplify a statement. Used properly and sparingly, accents marks can say a lot with little and lend integrity to the overall picture.

For far better inspiration than mine, study the trinity of Sorolla, Sargent & Zorn; masters of the accent stroke and saying more with less...


  1. Très belle étude et peinture déjà remplie de lumière et de sensualité.

  2. It looks to me that you were really enjoying the folds and drape of the fabrics in this one, There is a difference in texture from smooth flesh to the brushy fat paint strokes in that blue robe. I like the contrast.

  3. You explained this very well and provided an excellent example--thank you.