Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Tutu Much Fun

"Take Five" o/c (30x30)

Been enjoying working feverishly on new paintings for an upcoming solo show at Bonner David gallery in Scottsdale, titled "Off Key, On Point" -- it will be a collection of jazz music & ballet themed paintings... This one above is a recent piece that will be featured along with 16 to 18 others.

The model is an actual professional ballerina with the Oregon Ballet Theater, but couldn't hold this pose without eventually passing out. Not being one to overwork my models (or risk a liability suit) I just had her hold the pose for a few seconds to photograph what I wanted... The water bottle however is painted 100% from life -- no slacking there, boy.

"Before the Barre" o/c (16x20)

This one was done from life (and a much more reasonable pose). A lot of artists paint ballerinas and for various reasons, but I fell into it purely by chance -- James, one of the artists who comes to my figure sessions is also a photographer and shoots for the OBT (mentioned above) and got some of the dancers to come model for us.

We've gone thru about 3 of them so far, but I don't think any of them will be returning soon. These girls are professional dancers and in great shape, but not very excited about posing for the 3 hour pittance we offer. Still, they've all done great and there are several more we could probably persuade before the word gets around of how torturous it can be....

At any rate, I chose ballerinas because I was fortunate enough to have access to some, but also because like painting, dance is an art form full of grace, strength and beauty -- a natural for any painter to really get into. So is jazz music (the other half of my show) for that matter, which I will post on soon.

Until then, back to the easel...


  1. They're lovely. Best of luck at your show. Hopefully the word won't get around too quickly and you'll get more ballerinas to pose for you.

  2. WOW. Beautiful paintings Eric. Looking forward to seeing the rest of the pieces you plan on showing for the show!

  3. Beautifully done! Cool that you were able to use actual dancers. They have such grace to them. It comes out in your painting.

  4. Looks real cook Eric ... keep up the good work ....

  5. Your paintings are just beautiful, but I enjoyed your discourse even more, this time, So true, as to the way artists are viewed, contrasted with the reality of making a living from art.
    Inspiring words, and a lesson to just keep going! Thank you.