Monday, October 17, 2011

Going Coastal

Netarts (8x10)

Here are a few sketches from a recent beach trip -- all during a 4 day period including several weather long as I could get under cover before it rained, I didn't mind -- over cast skies at the beach make for interesting grays.  This one above however was before the clouds rolled in -- a town called "Netarts" (don't ask, I have no idea).

Tide Pool Reflections (9x12)

 This one is my favorite because of the colour and reflection of the pools on the rocks....

  Cape Wall (9x12)

 This is the wall of sand stone at Cape Kiwanda in Pacific City, north of Neskowin...

Gorilla Rock (9x12)

A local surfer told me they call this Gorilla Rock because of the monolithic rock about a quarter mile out that looks like an apes head at certain angles...

Beach Path (9x12)

This one was a quickie of a beach path near Devil's Punch Bowl that led to a rising tide -- an artist friend, James (who had shorts on) braved the water up to his knees to get a sketch of the bluff from the beach -- I played it safe.  Still, as with all failures and successes, it contributes to the "mileage pile" on the way to better paintings...


  1. Vous nous offrez de très jolis échantillons de votre séjour grâce à vos peintures... Elles sont toutes merveilleuses. J'aime particulièrement la dernière. Je peux y entendre le bruit de la mer... et ses senteurs. Sur chacune d'elles la lumière y est délicate. Vos couleurs sont pleine de tendresse... couleurs "guimauve"...
    Gros bisous.

  2. Beautiful paintings Eric . The wonderful simplicity in your design constantly blows me away. Thanks for sharing.

  3. your landscapes are very, very good, Eric : )

  4. these landscapes are really wonderful, very, very well painted, Eric

  5. I especially like Cape Wall. Well Done!