Friday, November 11, 2011

BLUE, period.

Burgundy Blue (24x30) o/c

This is a recent piece I had fun with -- the model for the singer had great attitude that made for a nice contrast to the more sober musicians, helping to covey a subliminal blurring of the lines between the genres of jazz and blues music...

While both forms produce sounds that have their associated moods, it's interesting what physiological effects a dominant colour palette can produce too.


Of course the colour blue has long been associated with melancholy, and the musical genre of the blues, yet it is far from restricted to that emotion alone.  While the musicians here appear serious and sullen, the singer's expression is on the verge of joy -- the paradox that blue music is...

On the one hand, it is an artistic moody expression that can yield a feeling of 'low down', while at the same time it can ease the pain of the suffering spirit... Strange, the effects art can have on the human condition -- be it audible or visual...


  1. You are right... the whole painting is moody, yet (conversely) happy. So much about this is great...but I am especially impressed by the arc in the is a perfect design element that ties the characters together and it looks like a "Blue Moon"

  2. I'm glad you picked up on the arc -- that's entirely why it's there, to tie the whole composition together -- Thank you Celeste!

  3. Even through this painting is Blue. I love how you introduced the warmth on her chest and the
    warmth of the base. Wonderful job!!