Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Barn Storming

 Historical Remnant (9x12) o/c

I found this old barn on a country road outside of Easton, MD during Plein Air Easton last week... The farmer wasn't home and I was a little leery of setting up on his property without permission...but I did it anyway. I figured a good little painting could be worth the possible trespass ticket, but an imagined load of rock salt in a shotgun made me paint as fast I ever had before, and I think produced a decent little gem...

Relic (16x20) o/c

As I was packing up to leave,  a renter of one of the many barns on the property drove up and said he thought it was fine to paint there, so I repositioned my easel and did this larger version... It came out alright too, but I think the smaller piece is the best one. Sometimes our best work is done under pressure, imagined or not...

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