Thursday, October 31, 2013

Progress shots for "Mending"

 (about 45 minutes into the start)

This is a 16x20 painting of my friend, Pam. This was done from a photograph in between other projects, so I spread it out over 3-4 sessions. Being a fan of the Russian impressionists, I really had fun doing this one.

 (a little over 2 hours in)

I find it odd though, that galleries are hesitant to show this subject matter. The fact is, I have received quite a number of compliments from all over the internet for this series. I sold another painting of Pam to a couple in the south, another one to a collector in Los Angeles, had another one featured as an Honorable Mention winner in Southwest Art magazine last year and had yet another one purchased by the hosting gallery's owner in last years American Impressionist Society's Annual Exhibition...

Finish (about 5 hours total)

Even though Pam isn't Russian, she sure looks the part... AND people have responded favorably. Thanks again, Pam for all your help! And to those galleries who think they know the pulse of ALL art buyers, take another look; there's a collector for every subject -- especially a beautiful one like this...


  1. Ha ha ha! I love your thoughts/commentary on this topic. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Even a painting of a trash bin or dirty alleyway, executed beautifully, could be a winning piece! Pam is an awesome model and does a great job for your work.

  2. This is a fabulous series Eric - I love each one! Interesting about the galleries. I guess they are attuned to their own specific clientele and not the art buying public at large!

  3. Beautiful painting Eric! I love the warm light on her face and arm.Great composition!

  4. Whow! Beautiful! I have just found your works on web. Amazing! Best wishes.

  5. And I just want to add on my previous comment, I paint myself a bit, I am an amateur. I am from Croatia. I have just discovered your work on internet, and it really inspired me. It is astonishing and beautiful. Especially the series of paintings with this lady. and the people that cook, or bake. And paintings of the blue lanscapes (night and stars) are gorgeous. Best wishes. Lidija