Sunday, March 20, 2016

Smokin' Cowboy

(15x15) oil pastel on Canson paper

Enjoyed my time with fellow artist (and sometime art model) Timothy Young the other day... I had noticed him at a local weekly art gathering and made a mental note to someday approach him to see if he would model for me. Not knowing his name, I secretly referred to him as "Epic Bead Guy" until I got up the nerve to introduce myself -- what a genuine and pleasant guy he turned out to be; and not that I expected the contrary, but sometimes you never know with people who have a unique style and individuality.

He was very humble and accommodating in sitting for this portrait sketch...he even went as far as fashioning a dummy pipe to smoke as he is not a smoker in real life (and I didn't have a pipe on hand myself). After the session, we went out for some Chinese food and great conversation...

Thank you again, Tim for your time and graciousness to pose for me; hope to work with you again!

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