Monday, June 27, 2016

 Mt Carmel Moonrise (9x12) SOLD

Had a wonderful time at the Maynard Dixon Country Camp Out in southern Utah!  The weather was near 100 degrees every day, but the scenery was spectacular and the camaraderie with the other painters was great fun -- thank you Paul & Susan Bingham!

Butter Knife Bluffs (9x12) oil on linen

The organizers (Paul & Susan) treated us very well, and everyone produced fantastic works. I had been to Zion National Park years ago, but the rest of the area was completely new to me -- beautiful potential painting spots everywhere...

 Barracks Wash (12x16) SOLD

The Dixon grounds, including his homestead and studio were very inspiring, and was the location for several dinners and workshops... 

Bunking with Dixon (8x10) SOLD

I did this little "mockturn" (a nocturn scene painted during daylight) of the bunkhouse on the last day when we were to hand in the weeks paintings for the Wet Paint Sale; I left it on the car seat until someone suggested I put it in the show, and Susan had to have it! All in all, it was a great pleasure to be there for the week, and I hope to go back next year...

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