Monday, March 11, 2013

New Work

 "What We Never Talk About" (36x48) o/c

This is another piece for my show in Scottsdale next month...I'd like to do more of these narratives that have an open-ended story line that the viewer can surmise on their own.  As in, are they married? (she's wearing a ring) it his ring, or is this a secret rendezvous affair, and that's what they never discuss...?

She's not entirely satisfied -- communication breakdown is always an accessory, if not the root of marital discord.  Perhaps she just wants to "talk" more and not treat this like a business. Maybe it's not a business at all, but a lonesome pattern of routine...the human condition. Then again, they may not even really know each other; married singles as the title may suggest, or just two lonely people escaping other issues and responsibilities. 

Either way, he's obviously tuned out...

But what do YOU see?


  1. wow, just wow Eric! Reminds me of the classic narrative paintings from artists like Joe Bowler, Tom lovell and Al Parker

  2. Oh, the stories we could tell - that's what connects us to this painting. Interesting, a bit sad, some tension there? Who knows what it means but I know it's GOOD! I just started following you and have to admit I'm still waiting for that Kentucky Bourbon to return so you can talk about it and tell us more :)

  3. what do I see? I see a brilliant painting! wow!

  4. Une très belle oeuvre intimiste... Une peinture qui parle à chacun de nous... On peut s'approprier son histoire.
    Une belle lumière danse avec les couleurs... J'aime l'ombre portée sur la façade du mur de la chambre.
    Une peinture qui nous murmure un très joli son.
    Gros bisous

  5. That's the Bomb Eric, really nice painting, colors and depth are really awesome. Like the detail and narrative.


  6. Amazing work, glad to have discovered you. Will there be any shows in the Seattle area?