Friday, December 13, 2013

Days of Future Past...

 Ebb Tide (24x30) o/c

I was able to paint several times in California this year, and grateful for it - the land of my nativity...and first 26 years. Interesting how the environmental imprints of your youth have an effect lasting the whole of your life. Living in the Pacific Northwest, I naturally miss the sunshine thru the winter months, but not the crowds... Still, I find I need to visit as often as possible the older I get.

Canyon Morning (9x12) o/c

Instead of a little red sports car or a tawdry affair, I can quell any mid-life crisis with a painting trip to Southern California - especially the coast. Even the coast of Oregon will work if the whether permits (summer time mostly). As parents and relatives pass away,  it's becoming more and more important to visit those places of my youth and connect to the memories of the past.  Painting does that on an entirely new and often deeper level - satisfying and enriching. And I appreciate my encouraging wife who supports me on these trips; I don't believe she understands it fully, but that doesn't matter as long as I get recharged and back home to her again. 

Our daughter who is building her own memories for the future will experience this longing too; memories that will haunt her back home to Oregon someday when she's grown and gone...